Data protection

The use of our website is usually possible without the provision of personal data. As we’ve raised personal information (such as your name, address, or email address) on our pages, this will always be done on a voluntary basis. These data will not be disclosed to third parties without explicit consent.

Please note that data transfer on the Internet (eg E-Mail Communication) may show security deficiencies. Full data protection is not possible with third-party access.

The use of contact information published by third parties as part of the printing obligation for sending unsolicited advertising and information materials is expressly excluded. The site owners expressly reserve the right to take legal action in case of unsolicited advertising of advertisements such as spam e-mails.


DO NOT use the purchased works, in this case, paintings and photographs for any action, competition or similar events without the artist knowing. If the artist agrees, every time the client is obliged to place the name of the artist everywhere as the creator of the work. The client does not use the purchased artwork – photographs can be used for further business activities, even if the work created by any graphic modification occurs. If the client enters any form of design, design or creation of the work, it violates the COPYRIGHT rights of the artist. You can not present these photographs in any way as the works of the artist in question. The artwork is always in the artistic and subjective way and is the spiritual property of the artist. In any case, it is advisable to visit the artist’s Facebook, Website or Onlineshop web site and look around the social network in his gallery through his works in the gallery for the purpose of client orientation. The client’s appearance and body proportions are also color contrasts and softness and other workings are NOT reason for making a claim.

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