My name its Ina Szabo,

I’m an ambitious creative artist who deals with art painting, FineArt artistic photographic work, writing Hungarian poetry and other artworks.
I currently live in Germany in Pforzheim and I am also actively Artwork involved in my small but loving Atelier …

In the summer months also in the Hungary around the Tokaj region. I like everything that is nice and pleasant and I try to find these qualities in every life situation. All experiences and emotions are trying to turn into reality and create a miracle of hidden beads …

I create the Council, and through miracles I look at the world, with my brushes and colors transferring the reflection from my artistic soul to the canvas.
In case of your questions and inquiries, I am fully at your disposal, and for your interest and the purchase of my work, I thank you in advance!

Ina Szabo – creative artist – Author represented by the authors company

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I currently live in Germany in Pforzheim and actively i working here in my little but so much liked Atelier …

In the summer and winter months in Hungary also in the attraction of Nyírség and Tokaj round.

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